Kotlin Microservices with Micronaut, Spring Cloud and JPA

Micronaut Framework provides support for Kotlin built upon Kapt compiler plugin. It also implements the most popular cloud-native patterns like distributed configuration, service discovery and client-side load balancing. These features allows to include your application built on top of Micronaut into the existing microservices-based system. The most popular example of such approach may be an integration with Spring Cloud ecosystem. If you have already used Spring Cloud, it is very likely you built your microservices-based architecture using Eureka discovery server and Spring Cloud Config as a configuration server. Beginning from version 1.1 Micronaut supports both these popular tools being a part of Spring Cloud project. That’s a good news, because in version 1.0 the only supported distributed solution was Consul, and there were no possibility to use Eureka discovery together with Consul property source (running them together ends with exception). Continue reading “Kotlin Microservices with Micronaut, Spring Cloud and JPA”

Microservices Integration Tests with Hoverfly and Testcontainers

Building good integration tests of a system consisting of several microservices may be quite a challenge. Today I’m going to show you how to use such tools like Hoverfly and Testcontainers to implement such the tests. I have already written about Hoverfly in my previous articles, as well as about Testcontainers. If you are interested in some intro to these framework you may take a look on the following articles:

Continue reading “Microservices Integration Tests with Hoverfly and Testcontainers”