Quick Guide to Microservices with Quarkus on Openshift

You had an opportunity to read many articles about building microservices with such frameworks like Spring Boot or Micronaut on my blog. There is another one very interesting framework dedicated for microservices architecture, which is becoming increasing popular – Quarkus. It is being introduced as a next-generation Kubernetes/Openshift native Java framework. It is built on top of well-known Java standards like CDI, JAX-RS and Eclipse MicroProfile which distinguishes it from Spring Boot. Continue reading “Quick Guide to Microservices with Quarkus on Openshift”

Kafka In Microservices With Micronaut

Today we are going to build some microservices communicating with each other asynchronously through Apache Kafka topics. We use Micronaut Framework, which provides dedicated library for integration with Kafka. Let’s take a brief look at the architecture of our sample system. We have 4 microservices: order-service, trip-service, driver-service and passenger-service. The implementation of these applications is very simple. All of them have in-memory storage and connect to the same Kafka instance.
Continue reading “Kafka In Microservices With Micronaut”