Secure Spring Cloud Config

If you are building microservices architecture on top of Spring Boot and Spring Cloud I’m almost sure that one of projects you are using is Spring Cloud Config. Spring Cloud Config is responsible for implementing one of the most popular microservices pattern called distributed configuration. It provides server-side (Spring Cloud Config Server) and client-side (Spring Cloud Config Server) support for externalized configuration in a distributed system. In this article I focus on security aspects related to that project. If you are interested in some basics please refer to my previous article about it Microservices Configuration With Spring Cloud Config. Continue reading “Secure Spring Cloud Config”

A Magic Around Spring Boot Externalized Configuration

There are some things I really like in Spring Boot, and one of them is an externalized (external) configuration. Spring Boot allows you to configure your application in many ways. You have 17 levels of loading configuration properties into application. All of them are described in the 24th Chapter of Spring Boot documentation available here.

This article was inspired by some last talks with developers about problems with the configuration of their applications. They haven’t heard about some interesting features that may be used to make it more flexible and clear. Continue reading “A Magic Around Spring Boot Externalized Configuration”