Simplify development on Kubernetes with Dekorate, Skaffold and Spring Boot

Although Kubernetes is a great solution for managing containerized applications, scaling and automating deployment, a local development on it may be a painful experience. A typical workflow includes several steps like checking the functionality of the code locally, building and tagging a docker image, creating a deployment configuration and finally deploying everything on Kubernetes. In this article I’m going to show how to use some tools together to simplify that process. Continue reading “Simplify development on Kubernetes with Dekorate, Skaffold and Spring Boot”

Service mesh on Kubernetes with Istio and Spring Boot

Istio is currently the leading solution for building service mesh on Kubernetes. Thanks to Istio you can take control of a communication process between microservices. It also lets you to secure and observe your services. Spring Boot is still the most popular JVM framework for building microservice applications. In this article I’m going to show how to use both these tools to build applications and provide communication between them over HTTP on Kubernetes. Continue reading “Service mesh on Kubernetes with Istio and Spring Boot”

Running Kotlin Microservice on Google Kubernetes Engine

In this article I’ll guide you through the steps required for building and running simple Kotlin microservice on Google Kubernetes Engine. We will use such and framework like Spring Boot, Skaffold and Jib. Continue reading “Running Kotlin Microservice on Google Kubernetes Engine”

Local Java Development on Kubernetes

There are many tools, which may simplify your local development on Kubernetes. For Java applications you may also take an advantage of integration between popular runtime frameworks and Kubernetes. In this article I’m going to present some of available solutions. Continue reading “Local Java Development on Kubernetes”

Kubernetes Messaging with Java and KubeMQ

Have you ever tried to run any message broker on Kubernetes? KubeMQ is relatively new solution and is not as popular as competitive tools like RabbitMQ, Kafka or ActiveMQ. However, it has one big advantage over them – it is Kubernetes native message broker, which may be deployed there using a single command without preparing any additional templates or manifests. This convinced me to take a closer look at KubeMQ. Continue reading “Kubernetes Messaging with Java and KubeMQ”

Guide To Micronaut Kubernetes

Micronaut provides a library that eases development of applications deployed on Kubernetes or on a local single-node cluster like Minikube. The project Micronaut Kubernetes is relatively new in Micronaut family, its current release version is 1.0.3. It allows you to integrate Micronaut application with Kubernetes discovery, and use Micronaut Configuration Client to read Kubernetes ConfigMap and Secret as a property sources. Additionally it provides health check indicator based on communication with Kubernetes API. Continue reading “Guide To Micronaut Kubernetes”