Using Reactive WebClient with Spring WebFlux

Reactive APIs and generally reactive programming become increasingly popular lately. You have a change to observe more and more new frameworks and toolkits supporting reactive programming, or just dedicated for this. Today, in the era of microservices architecture, where the network communication through APIs becomes critical for applications, reactive APIs seems to be an attractive alternative to a traditional, synchronous approach. It should be definitely considered as a primary approach if you are working with large streams of data exchanged via network communication. Continue reading “Using Reactive WebClient with Spring WebFlux”

Reactive programming with Project Reactor

If you are building reactive microservices you would probably have to merge data streams from different source APIs into a single result stream. It inspired me to create this article containing some most common scenarios of using reactive streams in microservice-based architecture during inter-service communication. I have already described some aspects related to reactive programming with Spring based on Spring WebFlux and Spring Data JDBC projects in the following articles:

Continue reading “Reactive programming with Project Reactor”