Simplify development on Kubernetes with Dekorate, Skaffold and Spring Boot

Although Kubernetes is a great solution for managing containerized applications, scaling and automating deployment, a local development on it may be a painful experience. A typical workflow includes several steps like checking the functionality of the code locally, building and tagging a docker image, creating a deployment configuration and finally deploying everything on Kubernetes. In this article I’m going to show how to use some tools together to simplify that process. Continue reading “Simplify development on Kubernetes with Dekorate, Skaffold and Spring Boot”

Deploying Spring Boot Application on OpenShift with Dekorate

More advanced deployments to Kubernetes or OpenShift are a bit troublesome for developers. In comparison to Kubernetes OpenShift provides S2I (Source-2-Image) mechanism, which may help reduce a time required for preparation of application deployment descriptors. Although S2I is quite useful for developers, it solves only simple use cases and does not provide unified approach to building deployment configuration from a source code. Dekorate (, the recently created open-source project, tries to solve that problem. This project seems to be very interesting. It appears to be confirmed by RedHat, which has already announced a decision on including Dekorate to Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes as a “Tech Preview”. Continue reading “Deploying Spring Boot Application on OpenShift with Dekorate”