Quick Guide to Microservices with Quarkus on Openshift

You had an opportunity to read many articles about building microservices with such frameworks like Spring Boot or Micronaut on my blog. There is another one very interesting framework dedicated for microservices architecture, which is becoming increasing popular – Quarkus. It is being introduced as a next-generation Kubernetes/Openshift native Java framework. It is built on top of well-known Java standards like CDI, JAX-RS and Eclipse MicroProfile which distinguishes it from Spring Boot. Continue reading “Quick Guide to Microservices with Quarkus on Openshift”

Running Java Microservices on OpenShift using Source-2-Image

One of the reason you would prefer OpenShift instead of Kubernetes is the simplicity of running new applications. When working with plain Kubernetes you need to provide already built image together with the set of descriptor templates used for deploying it. OpenShift introduces Source-2-Image feature used for building reproducible Docker images from application source code. With S2I you don’t have provide any Kubernetes YAML templates or build Docker image by yourself, OpenShift will do it for you. Let’s see how it works. The best way to test it locally is via Minishift. But the first step is to prepare sample applications source code. Continue reading “Running Java Microservices on OpenShift using Source-2-Image”