Kotlin Coroutines vs Java Threads

There are probably many articles about Kotlin coroutines online. That’s why I would like to focus just on showing you the difference between concept over coroutines and threads – a well-known concurrency mechanism in Java. We will start from a small portion of theory. Continue reading “Kotlin Coroutines vs Java Threads”

A Deep Dive Into Spring WebFlux Threading Model

If you are building reactive applications with Spring WebFlux, typically you will use Reactor Netty as a default embedded server. Reactor Netty is currently one of the most popular asynchronous event-driven applications framework. It provides non-blocking and backpressure-ready TCP, HTTP, and UDP clients and servers. In fact, the most important difference between synchronous and reactive frameworks is in their threading and concurrency model. Without understanding how reactive framework handles threads, you won’t fully understand reactivity. Let’s take a closer look on the threading model realized by Spring WebFlux and Project Reactor. Continue reading “A Deep Dive Into Spring WebFlux Threading Model”